Up to 60% of Yield is Determined by Crop Nutrition


Whether it’s high-performance fertilizers designed for advanced crop nutrition or top-quality commodity offerings, our products are technologically advanced, scientifically proven and environmentally sustainable.

We design and manufacture our products so that they are easy to use, crop safe, cost-effective formulations that maximise plant uptake and minimise waste.

Constant product development and improvement are a hallmark of our company which along with our quality control places us at the technological forefront of the liquid nutrition industry, not just here in Australia but around the world.

How to choose the right fertiliser

Our fertilisers are grouped into product categories to make it easier to choose the right one, or you can scroll down to search for products relating to specific nutrients that you may need for your crop.

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Custom Blends

With more than 25 years of experience in fertiliser manufacturing and fertiliser custom blending, we understand the unique requirements and challenges within each industry of our clientele.

Get in touch now and we will contact you to understand your custom blend needs.