Correction of Molybdenum deficiency

A high-analysis Molybdenum solution, formulated with phosphorus and organic acids ensures a highly available and readily assimilated source for the plant to utilize, allowing enhanced foliar and root zone uptake and immediate availability throughout the plant.

Product Features

  • Molybdenum influences nitrogen transformation and nitrate reduction in protein syntheses.
  • It will rapidly correct and prevent Molybdenum deficiencies in a wide variety of crops and soils, (deficiencies result in stunting and yellowing of plants.

Sizes Available

  • 20 Litre
  • 200 Litre
  • 1000 Litre


Molybdenum is an essential component in two enzymes that convert nitrate into nitrite (a toxic form of nitrogen) and then into ammonia before it is used to synthesize amino acids within the plant. It is also needed by symbiotic nitrogen-fixing bacteria in legumes to fix atmospheric nitrogen. Plants also use molybdenum to convert inorganic phosphorus into organic forms in the plant.

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Information Sheet
Safety Data Sheet 

AgroBest Multi Chelation Advantage (AMCA)

Agro Chelate is a select product that has been formulated with the AMCA system, which demonstrates why AgroBest is at the technological forefront of liquid crop nutrition.

Agro Chelate is a select product under the AMCA System, an advanced technology that utilizes a complex process promoting the following benefits:

  1. Organic acids similar to plants’ own acids
  2. Instant recognition by the plant results in instant uptake
  3. Less energy loss equals more energy for growth and production
  4. Chelation Strength – delivering the nutrient directly into the plant
  5. More nutrient drop-off points
  6. A higher percentage of total nutrients available to the plant 

For more details about the AMCA System, please click here.

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