The ultimate pest management solution is tough on insects, and soft on the environment.

What is it?

Super Seedtreat is a unique formulation designed to build the foundations of increased yields. Contains a unique germination booster and key elements to guarantee your crop a strong start.

What does it do?

Super Seedtreat has been specifically formulated and trialled to drive root growth.

Stimulating the root environment with microbe growth and root zone extension for the best possible start.

Proven results over 20 years.

Averaging a 12% increase in yield*

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Roots are the guts of the plant, driving the plant’s growth, and feeding the plant essential nutrients.

Increasing the surface area covered by fine-root hairs by 75% equates to higher nutrient uptake.

Proven effectiveness, removing uncertainty with multiple replicates in multiple trials in various areas, always resulting in a return of investment

Normally, the macronutrients are applied to the soil as granular fertilisers, whereas micronutrients may be applied to the soil or foliar applied to the growing crop as deficiencies show.

The critical period for successful crop establishment is post-germination when the seed has to rely on its own reserves. The plant is unable to draw on soil nutrient availability until sufficient root growth has developed. 

It is during this crucial period of plant establishment when deficiencies are most likely to affect growth.

The symptoms of deficiency, particularly micronutrients to which the plant is sensitive, will be evident at this early stage and adversely affect plant growth and establishment, and ultimately its yield potential.

The development of micronutrient fertiliser seed dressing is of major benefit for growers as it sufficiently caters for plant seedling requirements at the crucial stage of crop establishment.

Seed coating with micronutrient fertilizers has the advantage of a cost-effective application, complementing existing methods of supplying nutrition to boost plant health and counteract deficiencies.

How Does it Work? 

Formulated based on chemistry surrounding root growth, adapting the biochemistry of root development and elongation with commonly deficient and essential elements to produce a product that is both cost-efficient and effective.

  • Bio Availability – Chelation with a diverse range of organic acids ensures 80-90% of Zinc and Manganese are available for immediate use.
  • Increased seedling vigour – A combination of key micronutrients, including Zinc and Manganese and a number of other essential nutrients for increased seedling vigour, more tillering, and greater root mass.
  • Disease Management – Increased nutrition, especially zinc and manganese, around the seed has an important role in reducing the severity of plant diseases including Rhizoctonia and Take-all.
  • Easy to apply – A readily flowable fully stabilised liquid ensures even application.
  • Dust-Free – Formulation ensures the product absorbs into the grain and is dust-free.
  • No detrimental effect on germination.
  • A broad range of crops.

The key to maximum crop production is the availability of all the essential nutrients in the seed at germination and through the growing season.

AgroBest Multi Chelation Advantage (AMCA)

Agro Chelate is a select product that has been formulated with the AMCA system, which demonstrates why AgroBest is at the technological forefront of liquid crop nutrition.

Agro Chelate is a select product under the AMCA System, an advanced technology that utilizes a complex process promoting the following benefits:

  1. Organic acids similar to plants’ own acids
  2. Instant recognition by the plant results in instant uptake
  3. Less energy loss equals more energy for growth and production
  4. Chelation Strength – delivering the nutrient directly into the plant
  5. More nutrient drop-off points
  6. A higher percentage of total nutrients available to the plant 

For more details about the AMCA System, please click here.

Super Seedtreat
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Super Seedtreat Trials Data

Proven effective, removing uncertainty with multiple replicates in multiple trials in various areas, always resulting in a return on investment. 

Give your crop the best possible start and find out how to increase your yield by 12%

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