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AgroBest is committed to environmental sustainability and endeavour to promote industry-leading standards. AgroBest Australia chooses SCHUTZ and DrumMuster, the leading industry recycling programs to reduce farm waste.


AgroBest Australia has partnered with DrumMuster.

DrumMuster is the national program for the collection and recycling of eligible non-returnable crop production and animal health product chemical containers from manufacturers participating in the Industry Waste Reduction Scheme (IWRS).

DrumMuster is the only responsible way for the disposal of farm chemical containers. By using the program, chemical users are limiting farm risk and environmental risk.

Since the program began in May 1999, drumMuster has:

  • Held 66,493 collections nationwide
  • Resulting in the collection of 36,2630.37 chemical containers
  • Equating to 40,622 tons of material diverted from landfill
  • At 837 collection sites nationwide 


SCHÜTZ Australia is a leader in reusable packaging systems for a range of products including industrial chemicals, lubricants, food, beverages, agricultural chemicals, pharmaceuticals and many dangerous goods.

Established in the 1970s, the company was originally set up to buy, sell, collect and recondition steel drums. Today SCHÜTZ Australia is one of Australia’s largest and most technically advanced container manufacturing and reconditioning companies, with offices throughout Australia and South East Asia.

SCHÜTZ Australia plays a major role in developing innovative, cost-effective solutions for the packaging system. It also provides responsible solutions and disposal services for a range of used industrial containers.

“Sustainability is not a goal to be reached but a way of thinking, a way of being, a way of principle we must be guided by.”

Giulio Bonazzi Aquafil CEO & President

Organic Products

Crop Protection | Organic

Spraytech oil

This organic non-ionic adjuvant spray contains a vegetable oil base and a unique blend of emulsifiers that promote spray…

Bio Stimulant | Organic

Fish Emulsion

Natural ingredients provide an organic concentration of N.P.K and essential trace elements. This products is filtered to 100 microns.

Crop Protection | Organic


A superior vegetable oil base adjuvant with a unique blend of emulsifiers that have the ability to encapsulate

Bio Stimulant | Organic


A multi-strain liquid inoculant accelerates soil microbial activity, promotes root growth, healthier soil, and stress mitigation.

Bio Stimulant | Organic


A biostimulant derived from seaweed extract, specifically formulated to enhance the use of minerals, amino acids & growth hormones.

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