A Multi-strain liquid inoculant with 1.2 x 10 7Colony Forming Units per mL accelerates soil microbial activity, promotes root growth, healthier soil, and stress mitigation.

What is it?

Liquid microbial soil activator formulated with specifically selected friendly microbes, which supplement and feed soil-borne microbes. Revitalize serves as the food source and increases microbial activity.

What does it do?

Grow and nurture microbes in your soil, and increase microbial populations to significantly increase the growth, yield, and quality of your produce.

  1. Accelerated digestion of organic matter supplying nitrogen.
  2. Increases the microbial population in the soil.
  3. Mineralisation of Phosphorous, Potassium and Trace Elements.
  4. Synthesis of Vitamin B12 through Cobalt.
  5. Enhanced fertilizer uptake.
  6. Generates CO2, which opens the soil, stimulates root growth, improves drainage and reduces tillage requirements.
  7. Disperses toxic levels of elements on soil colloids.
  8. Crop residues are recycled and beneficial soil microflora is re-established promoting better soil health.

How Does it Work? 

  1. When Revitalize is added to the soil, the normal microbe level is accelerated by 8- 10 times the original population (under optimum conditions).
  2. Microbes multiply rapidly, utilising the enzymes, microbes and nutrients supplied in Revitalize.
  3. CO2 produced by the microbes multiplying rapidly in the soil stimulates root development, opens and aerates the soil, and increases water holding capacity.
  4. Soil Microbes digest organic materials, releasing organic acids and making available Phosphorus, Potassium, and other elements; digest organic matter and biodegradable chemicals such as herbicides and pesticide residues
  5. Organic matter is broken down to humus increasing Humic Acids and releasing soil nutrients.
  6. The half-life of biodegradable chemicals is rapidly reduced by the action of the accelerated microbes, enhancing and extending the life of applied dry fertilisers.
  7. Inoculating a host of non-pathogenic soil microbes and fungi that can combat plant pathogens and provide a continuous antagonism to Rhizoctonia, Phytophera and other soil pests.

Certified Product Listing

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Australian Organic Certification

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