Anti-transpirant Frost & Heat Protector

Bio-shield polymer for protection against summer heat and winter frost.

What does it do?

Envy is a frost protector and anti-transpirant, which can substantially reduce moisture losses by up to 50%, eliminate sun and windburn damage as well as increase frost tolerance by an additional 4 Degrees.

Envy will not impede plant growth or photosynthesis, is non-toxic, pH neutral and will biodegrade in sunlight.


  • Excessive moisture loss
  • Frost stress
  • Guards against Sunburn 
  • Salt spray & Windburn
  • Wilting in hot dry conditions
  • Transplanting losses

How Does it Work? 

When Envy is applied to a plant, it adheres and forms an invisible semi-permeable membrane over the leaf surface. Even in non-freezing conditions, the Envy bio-shield helps protect plants from environmental-related stresses.

The membrane permits the plant to “breathe”. As a result pass oxygen, carbon dioxide, and ethylene gas and at the same time effectively slows down the loss of water and water vapour through transpiration from the leaf surfaces. 

By spraying Envy to achieve complete coverage of the plant (on both sides of leaves) the amount of moisture lost through transpiration is reduced by as much as 50%.

Frost Protection

It has been demonstrated that this reduction of moisture loss is directly related to the prevention of winterkill.  Research has shown that a plant with full turgidity ie. Filled with water – can survive periods of below-freezing temperatures very well.

Freeze damage to a plant occurs when ice crystals form around various bacteria present on all types of foliage.  This causes the ice nucleation that initiates the freeze damage.  When Envy has hardened on the plant it shields the leaf surface by forming a physical barrier to ice-nucleating bacteria.

The polymer membrane that is formed by the hardening of the water-based polymer adheres to the plant as an invisible semi-permeable membrane providing anti-transpirant and frost-protecting properties.

This protection includes abiotic “stress” factors (supporting the resistance against cold and drought and protecting against toxic cell damage).

Envy does not clog the leaf stomata, nor does it retard growth or cause phytotoxicity. 

Plant photosynthesis is kept at a maximum and oxygen/carbon dioxide exchange is not affected. 

Envy is water-based, not solvent-based, and will not cause chemical injury to plants even at twice the recommended rate. 

When dry Envy leaves the plants looking natural.  It dries to a clear, non-sticky finish in 15 minutes or less.  It does not give plants an artificial shine.

Envy Product Information Sheet & SDS

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Anti-transpirant Frost & Heat Protector. A Bio-shield polymer for protection against summer heat and winter frost.


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