A systemic fungicide for maximum prevention and control of Downy Mildew and Phytophthora diseases.

What does it do?

A liquid systemic fungicide combining mono and dipotassium Phosphonates for maximum prevention and control of Downy Mildew and Phytophthora diseases. 

  • Provides effective control on a wide range of crops
  • Formulated from a non-toxic potassium phosphite base
  • All diseased parts of the plant are effectively controlled using a systemic action providing complete translocation through their vascular system. 
  • Compatibility with a wide range of other agricultural chemicals, reducing the number of spray applications needed.
  • AgroBest has the highest concentration, which reduces the product quantity required and saves on packaging requirements, saving you time and money.
  • APVMA APPROVAL NO. 66655/54106

How Does it Work? 

Phozguard 620 is readily absorbed by the plant and translocated through the plant’s vascular system to all parts of the plant, ensuring effective disease control. Directly produces fungi toxins to manage pathogens and enhance the immune system of the plant, which makes it capable of fighting diseases on its own.

Mode of Action

Phosphite, a biodegradable fungicide, used for disease invasion and prevention:

  1. Phosphites trigger molecular reactions within the plant cell
  2. Activates plants’ immune system and defence mechanism
  3. Suppressors spore formation
  4. Recognition of disease by plant cell
  5. Phosphite encourages defensive molecules, such as phytoalexins, to attack the disease directly; and
  6. The plant’s self-defence mechanism alerts the rest of the plant to start producing other compounds increasing plant resistance to infection or attack by other pathogens
  7. These responses are called systemic required resistance (SAR) and induced resistance (IR)

The disease is controlled or killed by the plant’s response.

Phozguard 620
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