A highly concentrated liquid Potassium in combination with fulvic and organic acids for fast uptake and translocation formulated to improve the colour, size and ripening of fruit and vegetables.

What Does it Do?

Improves fruit size, colour and quality while increasing resistance to diseases, and improving the plant’s frost tolerance.

  • is recommended for use on cotton at peak potassium demand periods, flowering and boll filling.
  • is a highly concentrated formulation, ideally suited to fertigation mid to late season, to promote the development of fruit and vegetables.
  • Organic and amino acids have been added to aid the uptake and assimilation of potassium through the roots and leaf. Nitrate & Chloride free.
  • Improves translocation, respiration and protein formation.

Sizes Available:

  • 20 Litre
  • 200 Litre
  • 1000 Litre

Agrodex K45 Download

Information Sheet
Safety Data Sheet 

Potassium plays many roles in the plant:

  • Increases starch (sugar), oil and vitamin C content in fruits, tubers and nuts
  • Increases fruit and tuber size, and enhances favourable colour and flavour characteristics.
  • Stimulates root development and branching
  • Improves stress tolerance (particularly cold stress)
  • Helps to decrease the incidence of pests and diseases
  • Increases the rate of production, transport and storage of sugars within the plant. 
  • Activates the enzymes involved in the build-up of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which is the major carrier of energy in plant metabolism
  • Increases fruit size 
  • increases desirable fruit colour through the promotion of pigment production
  • Increases the sugar content of the fruit, which leads to an increase in sweetness

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