We continue to expand our Biostimulants range with innovative and sustainable products.

Our unique product range will provide your crop with important supplements to conventional fertiliser programs with a mix of essential micro-nutrients and other substances resulting in healthy yields.

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Bio Stimulant


Natural seaweed extract, fermented, formulated to include a complex blend of plants extracts, essential minerals & plant growth regulators.

Bio Stimulant | Organic


A biostimulant derived from seaweed extract, specifically formulated to enhance the use of minerals, amino acids & growth hormones.

Bio Stimulant


A multi-component organic-based fertiliser, containing 3 various organic components that best permit the nutrient to be absorbed by the…

Bio Stimulant

Agro Chelate

A complex blend of organic and amino acids designed to chelate and sequester elemental ions in spray and irrigation…

Bio Stimulant | Organic

Fish Emulsion

Natural ingredients provide an organic concentration of N.P.K and essential trace elements. This products is filtered to 100 microns.

Bio Stimulant


It is a highly effective humic acid solution extracted from leonardite and fermented with sugars. Formulated to increase the…

Bio Stimulant | Organic


A multi-strain liquid inoculant accelerates soil microbial activity, promotes root growth, healthier soil, and stress mitigation.

Bio Stimulant


NPK 5-5-5 with 15% w/v Organics deriving from Fish, Humates, Seaweed and Sugars. Formulated for soil, utilising Fish, Seaweed…

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