85% Seaweed Ferment with PGR fortification for plant stimulation

Biologically enhanced liquid seaweed with highly active plant hormones to promote root growth, fruit quality and stress mitigation.

What does it do?

Fulfil is a natural seaweed extract that is fermented and formulated to include a complex blend of plant extracts, essential minerals and plant growth regulators.

The natural growth hormones in Fulfil aid the plant throughout flowering, fruit set and fruit fill reducing stress and therefore improving productivity.

How Does it Work? 

When applied at the correct stages of plant growth development, Fulfil will enhance and extend many of the physiological and biological processes of the plant which are necessary for optimum yield and quality.

Used to relieve stresses due to drought or excess moisture. The Auxins and cytokin is a natural plant hormones extracted from seaweed. The seaweed concentrate aids photosynthesis, improving plant production of essential carbohydrates.

Research has shown that Auxins and cytokinins are important in many processes of the growth and development of the plant,  such as cell division, chlorophyll tissue, fruit set, nutrient translocation, and plant metabolism. 

The cobalt, and Zinc which is part of the solution of Fulfil, are added for the function of the individual elements in the plant.  Zinc is important as a growth promoter, cobalt is useful in the production of Vitamin B12.


Fulfil can be used in dryland, irrigation, and high rainfall production areas.

Fulfil can be used in areas where growth and development are restricted by cold and wet conditions. This will enhance oxygenation in the plant, rejuvenating chlorophyll tissue and maintaining normal growth and development.

The product can also be used as an enhancer for the absorption of foliar-applied fertilisers.

Other Benefits of Fulfil

  • Increases starch (sugar), oil and vitamin C content in fruits, tubers and nuts
  • Increases fruit and tuber size and enhances favourable colour and flavour characteristics.
  • Stimulates root development and branching
  • Improves stress tolerance (particularly cold stress)
  • Helps to decrease the incidence of pests and diseases
  • Increases the rate of production, transport and storage of sugars within the plant. 
  • Activates the enzymes involved in the build-up of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which is the major carrier of energy in plant metabolism

Fulfil Product Information Sheet & SDS

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