Using 35% Liquid Potassium with 10% organic acid and seaweed biostimulants to promote carbohydrate conversion for ripening and filling fruits and vegetables.

What Does it Do?

Agrodex K35 contains 35% liquid Potassium in an organic form and 10% organic amino acids, free of nitrate and chloride. These organic acids are used to chelate Potassium, improving plant uptake and utilization.

Contains a range of natural plant regulators and micronutrients to improve overall plant growth and performance, which help to correct minor deficiencies.

Helps to improve fruit size, colour and quality while increasing resistance to diseases, and improving the plant’s frost tolerance.

How Does it Work? 

Unlike most plant nutrients Potassium does not exist naturally as an organic complex in the soil, however, within the plant, it is always highly mobile and omnipresent (present and in all places). 

Plants are not able to access most of this fixed Potassium during a single growing season, however, the supply of fixed Potassium largely determines the soil’s ability to supply K+ ions over a prolonged period. 

All plants require Potassium to survive. The uptake of Potassium by plants is frequently as great, or greater than that of nitrogen.

Potassium is a very important element for many physiological and biochemical processes and has strong influences on photosynthesis, carbohydrate and protein synthesis and water economy, as well as on physiology and crop yields. 

Potassium Plays Many Roles in Plants

  • Increases starch (sugar), oil and vitamin C content in fruits, tubers and nuts
  • Increases fruit and tuber size, and enhances favourable colour and flavour characteristics.

  • Stimulates root development and branching
  • Improves stress tolerance (particularly cold stress
  • Helps to decrease the incidence of pests and diseases
  • Increases the rate of production, transport and storage of sugars within the plant. 
  • Activates the enzymes involved in the build-up of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which is the major carrier of energy in plant metabolism
  • Increases fruit size 
  • increases desirable fruit colour through the promotion of pigment production
  • Increases the sugar content of the fruit, which leads to an increase in sweetness

AgroBest Multi Chelation Advantage (AMCA)

AgroDex K35 is a select product that has been formulated with the AMCA system, which demonstrates why AgroBest is at the technological forefront of liquid crop nutrition.

AgroDex K35 is a select product under the AMCA System and offers the following benefits:

  1. Organic acids similar to plants’ own acids
  2. Instant recognition by the plant results in instant uptake
  3. Less energy loss equals more energy for growth and production
  4. Chelation Strength – delivering the nutrient directly into the plant
  5. More nutrient drop off points
  6. A higher percentage of total nutrients available to the plant 

For more details about the AMCA System, please click here.

AgroDex K35
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