Fully soluble nitrate-free organic Calcium bonded with organic compounds to promote fruit quality and disease resistance.

What Does it Do?

AgroBest Australia has developed CarboCal the first unique fully soluble organic Calcium fertiliser with efficient Calcium uptake to: 

  • Enhance nutrition efficiency
  • Stimulates photosynthesis
  • Promotes disease resistance
  • Adds value to micronutrients
  • Provides high levels of valuable Calcium uptake, under difficult conditions
  • Prevents splitting in susceptible stone fruit varieties
  • Certified Calcium product, safe to use during all growth phases

Consisting of 60% organic acids, CarboCal is the ideal companion for application with other trace elements, because the organic acids enhance the total nutrient uptake.

How Does it Work? 

CarboCal is a Calcium and organic acid rich compound designed for both foliar and drip application. Despite Calcium being a traditionally immobile ion, CarboCal is able to deliver needed Calcium to all parts of the plant.

CarboCal is formulated with over 50 organic acids, all available for rapid uptake and translocation within the plant, improving structural strength, stability, and quality.

Provides superior Calcium sap levels for fruit quality and disease resistance and contains no Nitrogen or Chloride.

CarboCal includes a number of growth hormones, which aid flowering and increase the general vigour of plants, without creating the vegetative flush associated with Nitrogen-based products.

An effective source of Calcium for vegetable, vine and tree crops. 

The unique organic compounds in CarboCal have been shown to stimulate photosynthesis which in turn stimulates root development and improves general nutrient uptake.

Increased Root Uptake

Simply add CalMate or GroMate (Humic Acid uptake enhancers) to CarboCal and you have proven high uptake Calcium for fertigation. These unique Humic compounds stimulate root development and help hold the Calcium in the soil. Being bound to organic acids the plant instantly recognises the Calcium for fast and efficient uptake and translocation. Amino acids are vital in cell wall construction.

 Vital Calcium Uptake Under Difficult Conditions

Even under difficult, very hot or continual overcast conditions, CarboCal has been proven to provide high levels of valuable Calcium uptake.

 Pure Organic Calcium

CarboCal is a BFA-certified Calcium product that contains no Nitrates or Chlorides, making it a safe product to use during all growth phases.

Download the Australian Organic Registered Product Certificate for the AgroBest Organic Product Range.

Australian Organic Certification

AgroBest Multi Chelation Advantage (AMCA)

Agro Chelate is a select product that has been formulated with the AMCA system, which demonstrates why AgroBest is at the technological forefront of liquid crop nutrition.

Agro Chelate is a select product under the AMCA System, an advanced technology that utilizes a complex process promoting the following benefits:

  1. Organic acids similar to plants’ own acids
  2. Instant recognition by the plant results in instant uptake
  3. Less energy loss equals more energy for growth and production
  4. Chelation Strength – delivering the nutrient directly into the plant
  5. More nutrient drop-off points
  6. A higher percentage of total nutrients available to the plant 

For more details about the AMCA System, please click here.

CarboCal GOLD
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