Readily available liquid fertiliser with essential trace elements, organic and amino acids ensuring rapid uptake for direct correction of manganese deficiencies.

What is it?

Broadhectare Mn is used for the important correction of Manganese (Mn) deficiencies.

What does it do?

Mn is one of nine essential nutrients that plants require for growth. 

It participates in the structure of photosynthetic proteins and is essential for the activity of an enzyme to occur.

Manganese is critical to producing photosynthesis and chlorophyll. Manganese is also related to the assimilation and the accumulation of nitrates.

Broadhectare Mn quickly and effectively corrects deficiencies to increase growth and yields.

How Does it Work? 

Manganese (Mn) is an essential element in virtually all living organisms where it can fulfil two different functions: acting as an enzyme cofactor or as a metal with catalytic activity in biological clusters.

A plant’s life cycle depends on Mn for photosynthesis, respiration, scavenging of reactive oxygen species (ROS), pathogen defence, and hormone signalling.

As an activating factor, manganese is responsible for activating more than 35 different enzymes. 

Mn availability dictates whether plants need to acquire and utilize the metal efficiently under limiting conditions or need to detoxify the metal under excess supply conditions.

The transportation process is at the heart of these adaptations.

Broadhectare Mn is a readily available manganese solution with organic acids that are similar to plants’ own acids enabling instant recognition by the plant resulting in instant uptake.

AgroBest Multi Chelation Advantage (AMCA)

Broadhectare MN is a select product that has been formulated with the AMCA system, which demonstrates why AgroBest is at the technological forefront of liquid crop nutrition.

Broadhectare MN is a select product under the AMCA System, an advanced technology that utilizes a complex process that offers the following benefits:

  1. Organic acids similar to plants’ own acids
  2. Instant recognition by the plant results in instant uptake
  3. Less energy loss equals more energy for growth and production
  4. Chelation Strength – delivering the nutrient directly into the plant
  5. More nutrient drop-off points
  6. A higher percentage of total nutrients available to the plant 

For more details about the AMCA System, please click here.  

Broadhectare Mn
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