Inoculate your hay and silage with a unique combination of antioxidants and preservatives for a high-quality, more palatable feed that can be baled at up to 30% moisture.


What is it?

AgroBest Australia has developed a unique product to assist with the production of high-quality hay and silage under less-than-ideal conditions.

Sovereign is produced in powder (for dry application) and soluble powder (for liquid application).

What does it do?

Sovereign offers significant benefits in the preservation of silage and hay, consistently improving feed values and quality. It benefits the ensiling process by utilising the latest technology for faster and most efficient conversion from forage to silage, with less heat and wastage.

Sovereign ensures quality hay under tough conditions, allowing higher moisture levels at baling whilst retaining more leaf and hay freshness, improving stock palatability and digestion.


There are significant benefits in using an inoculant that will enhance the quality of your product. 

Hay Promoter

  • Widens moisture window for baling hay, allowing early baling (up to 30% moisture)
  • Improves palatability & digestibility, retaining greenness in sweet and fresh textured forage.
  • Minimal increases in temperature and moulds, ensuring good quality hay.
  • Restricts growth of detrimental moulds, limiting heat production.

Silage Preservation

  • Produces desirable acids for a faster conversion into silage, improving feed value and greater animal digestion.
  • Increases the rate of acidification to promote anaerobic fermentation, minimising the production of butyric acid/ putrefaction
  • Breaks down fibre into digestible material for higher animal absorption.

How Does it Work? 

Sovereign contains antioxidants that restrict the growth of aerobic bacteria by consuming oxygen and restricting detrimental mould growth to reduce spoilage.

The enzymes breakdown fibre and starches into simple sugars, providing food for beneficial lactic acid-producing bacteria, speeding up the rate of acidification and restricting mould growth conditions. At the same time improves animal digestibility.

Contains Cobalt, which improves biological breakdown during the ensiling process and in the animals’ gut through conversion into Vitamin B12.

  • Increased energy and protein
  • Increases production of vitamin B12 in the stomach of the animal
  • Increases weight gain 
  • Increases milk production

High-Quality Hay

We understand the key to high-quality hay is to maximise leaf retention without losing protein due to the degradation of plant material.

This is the challenge of producers and contractors having to wait until moisture levels drop to about 20% or below for baling where significant leaves can be lost over-drying and rain spoilage becomes a possibility.

This means better leaf retention, higher bale weights, better compaction, and improved product performance. Giving you improved nutrient value 

Sovereign is widely used as a hay improver.

The antioxidants and mould preventative agents allow hay to be baled at moisture levels as high as 30%, without the risk of spoilage.

Giving you improved nutrient value and a better return on your investment. 

Sovereign Soluble
Product Information Sheet & SDS

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High-Quality Silage

We understand the key to high-quality silage is in the curing process. It is all about getting the pH level down into the “stable zone” as fast as possible. As a result, oxygen is removed, protein value is maximised, and the plants’ natural starches begin to break down into simple sugars, which increases the palatability, flavour, energy, and nutrient value of your product.

After silage is laid down it is attacked by spoilage bacteria and mould which produce heat and further deterioration of dry matter and proteins.

The antioxidants in AgroBest Sovereign eliminate air and initiate pH reduction. They also prevent the formation of ammonia.

During the ensiling process various lactobacillus, assisted by cobalt (vitamin B12) and the increased sugars from the cellulose breakdown enzymes, rapidly reduce the pH and the silage stabilizes in this acid environment.

As the process happens much quicker, the amount of protein and vegetative material consumed is greatly reduced.

This produces a much sweeter product containing higher protein levels and higher dry matter.

Giving both hay and silage users the ability to produce a quality product under any conditions

Improves Feed Value

Improved Palatability

Sovereign contains Cobalt which when combined with simple sugars speeds up the bacterial breakdown, leaving higher nutrient values and assisting by improving the production of Vitamin B12 in the stomach of the animal.

This results in increased milk production and weight gain.

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