Hay & Silage Improver

Improves the quality of all hays and silage, resulting in a highly digestible, more palatable feed with greater nutrient value, and less spoilage.

Stock achieves greater milk production and increased body weight gains due to higher protein and energy.

These benefits can be achieved under a wider range of harvesting conditions, maximizing production time in less than ideal conditions and avoiding significant field losses from rain, or over-drying of hay


  • Contains antioxidants that restrict the growth of aerobic bacteria, and moulds on forage, reducing spoilage and improving stock palatability and digestion
  • Contains enzymes that breakdown fibre and starches into simple sugars, providing food for lactic acid ensiling bacteria
  • Contains cobalt, which improves biological breakdown during the ensiling process and in the animals’ gut through conversion into Vitamin B12
  • Concentrate powder requires no refrigeration and is non-corrosive
  • When applied to fodder, it is non-toxic to animals including horses and has no withholding period.

Sovereign Dry Powder
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