100% EDTA chelated formulation for the correction of zinc deficiencies and support in producing greater yields for horticultural and broadacre crops.

What does it do?

Fuze Zinc + is a highly efficient readily available chelated nutrient that will support your crop in producing greater yields, from seedling to top-up applications, mid-season through irrigation and foliar sprays.

It is also highly effective at correcting crop deficiencies quickly and efficiently and is ideal for maintenance applications before deficiencies appear in a normal program.

Contains 10% Zinc giving you a 30% higher concentration compared to other brands.

Compatible with a wide range of other agricultural chemicals, reducing the number of spray applications needed.

How Does it Work? 

A fully chelated Zinc formula specifically designed for rapid absorption and high compatibility, resulting in quick correction and prevention of deficiencies in a wide range of horticulture and Broadacre crops.

Advanced chelate blend allows high compatibility due to the chelation process, which protects the trace element.

The Role of Zinc

Zinc is an essential micronutrient for plant growth and development. Without adequate zinc, plant vitality suffers and so does produce yield.

Zinc is an important component of various enzymes that are responsible for driving many metabolic reactions in all crops. Growth and development would stop if specific enzymes were not present in plant tissue.

Carbohydrate, protein and chlorophyll formation is significantly reduced in zinc-deficient plants. Therefore, a constant and continuous supply of zinc is needed for optimum growth and maximum yield.

Benefits of Chelate

Trace elements are inaccessible to plants in their basic form(s). It is largely because these metals, such as Zinc, have positive charges. The roots and leaves of plants contain pores that are negatively charged. The consequence is that positive minerals can’t attach to negative pores (because of the difference in charges)

If a chelate is added with an element like Zinc, it encapsulates (surrounds) the metal/mineral ion and changes its charge into a positive or neutral charge that allows the element to enter the pore and make its way to the plant.

Chelating agents such as EDTA chelate hold onto trace elements and stop them from binding to other elements.

Our chelating technology enhances nutrient uptake, with a lower pH. This ensures efficient absorption by plant roots, leaves and tissue with wide compatibility.

Fuze Zinc +
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