AgroBest has been working closely with numerous clients in Northern New South Wales and Queensland to help deliver optimal produce and quality over the long term while ensuring that best agricultural practices are followed.

The production success of the Blueberry plantation is dependent on the overall management and expertise of the consultants and agronomists involved in the farm.  The nutrition, weed management, irrigation and harvesting operations all need to be managed and optimized for the specific site.

Our team of experienced consultants work closely with our clients to achieve extraordinary results.  Initially, a program was developed after the grower was experiencing major deficiencies from a standard crystalline program. 

We corrected the deficiencies and were so successful at this that we were asked to develop a full management plan which has succeeded beyond the growers’ wildest expectations.

If that wasn’t impressive enough, the plants continue to not only increase yields annually, the fruit produced is high quality and seen as a premium product in the market. So much so that they have secured an exclusive supply agreement with one of Australia’s leading supermarkets for their premium product with financial returns that reflect this achievement. 

Through the personalised crop and management program implemented by AgroBest, our clients saw results returning yields of more than 3 times that expected of a Blueberry crop at the same age. (see figure 1). 

To achieve results like this a number of key factors are involved and require thoughtful consideration in their contribution and their relationship to the rest of the program. 

Individual elements are timed to optimize the growth through the various phenological stages.  This is not cast in stone as the weather plays an important role in crop phenology.  The use and understanding of this phenology are critical in delivering the correct nutrients at the correct time and volume to maximize the crop potential.

The ratios of different liquid fertilizers in the program are also critical to ensure maximum production.  Analytical tools, such as soil and leaf samples which are quick and easy to conduct were utilized to further assist in the agronomical process.  AgroBest uses its own proprietary organic catalysts to help the ericoidal mychorhiza convert mineral elements into food sources for the plant.

Interestingly, this program was developed under certain budget constraints and we believe strategic modifications would have impressive results. This is both exciting and intriguing given the results already achieved to date on this 4-year-old crop.


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