It is a well-known fact that unless we act now, there will not be enough food to feed the world’s population in the years to come. 

It is also no secret that the quality of food produced in China has been under scrutiny for some time now.  Contaminants, impure water sources and poor farming practices have contributed to the poor quality.  Re-education and refining the food production processes in China can mean unprecedented opportunities for China to produce high quality, clean food.  It is also an exciting prospect to consider this may be the solution to feeding the future world’s population.

Presently, Chinese nationals wherever possible always choose an imported product over produced grown in their own country.  This is hard to understand, living in Australia, spoiled by our endless supply of locally grown fresh fruit, vegetables, meats and dairy.  Australians take for granted the fact that their food is safe to eat, easily accessible, perfect quality, affordable and highly nutritious.

These are the driving factors behind the AgroBest Glasshouse Project.  Our goal is to supply the Chinese market with safe, clean, nutritious food grown in China, comparable to what you’d find in Australia that consumers can trust.   Having worked in China on various projects for many years now, AgroBest had confidence in the project’s viability.  A feasibility study was conducted to explore the opportunities and obstacles, and thoroughly investigate all aspects of the project.  Several trips to China also meant the right contacts could be made, identify and involve the right people and develop these relationships.

We are in the process of building completely controlled, clean, safe and efficient glasshouse facilities operating under the high standards and practices of Australian methods.  The glasshouses will be built utilising the latest technologies.  They will be strategically placed for efficient freight & logistics amenities and availability of products and services to facilitate the operation of the glasshouse and distribution. Intense training will be completed by all staff proceeded by strict policies and procedures.

Production of Clean Food

A combination of Chinese and Australian staff will be instrumental in the operation and success of the project. 

With multiple stages designed for consistent and manageable growth, this project has endless potential.

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