AgroBest takes great pride in our industry-leading frost protection range. 

Frost damage can have irreversible effects on a crop.  Even mild cases will usually result in deteriorated quality or yield.  For that reason, if a frost is a possibility a frost protection product is essential.  Climatic extremes are becoming more volatile and unpredictable.  Using a frost protection product when necessary is another way to ensure your crop reaches its full potential. Our technology and the science behind AgroBests’ ENVY and DEMETER put them in a league of their own.  They are efficient, quick and easy to use, and most importantly, reliable.  ENVY will provide frost tolerance by as much as 4°C. and has demonstrated effectiveness down to – 4°C.  DEMETER is a dual action product offering approximately 2 – 3°C extra frost tolerance and seaweed-based nutrition.

Envy was the first of the 2-part range to be created in 1998. Agrobest invested a significant amount of time and energy in the development of ENVY.  Trials, both infield and in the lab consistently returned favourable results.  What’s truly impressive about ENVY is the varied list of product features.  Certainly a hero in frost protection, but also minimises the risk of sunburn and prevents moisture loss as well.  With the data in hand, AgroBest is set to work on branding and marketing of the exciting new product.  After a few short seasons word-of-mouth quickly spread about ENVY, a product unlike anything else seen in the industry. To this day ENVY boasts a long list of passionate users who year after year seek comfort in knowing they have a product that truly performs.

AgroBest identified a need for a frost protection product that offered longer-term effects and was more practical on Broadacre crops.  Additionally, AgroBest noted a demand for a product that aided the recovery of a frost-damaged crop and something that could nutritionally benefit their crop as well. Back to the lab, AgroBest set to work at filling this gap in the market.  Research, consultations and countless tests and trials later and in 2011, Demeter was created.


Freeze damage to a plant occurs when ice crystals form around various bacteria present on all types of foliage.  Bacteria cause the ice nucleation that initiates the freeze damage.  ENVY is not a bactericide or a pesticide.  When ENVY has hardened on the plant it shields the leaf surface by forming a physical barrier to ice-nucleating bacteria.

An invisible semi-permeable membrane is formed by the hardening of the water-based polymer adhering to the plant, providing anti-transpirant and frost protection properties. ENVY does not clog the leaf stomata, nor does it retard growth or cause phytotoxicity. Plant photosynthesis is kept to a maximum and oxygen-carbon dioxide exchange is not affected.

ENVY is water-based, not solvent-based and will cause no chemical injury to plants even at twice the recommended rate.  Unlike other anti-transpirants ENVY can be used on all plants with complete safety.  By spraying ENVY on both the upper and lower leaf, the amount of moisture lost through transpiration is reduced by as much as 50%. It has been demonstrated that this reduction of moisture loss is directly related to the prevention of frost damage.  Research has shown that a plant with full turgidity i.e. filled with water – can survive periods of below-freezing temperatures very well.  Reduced moisture loss often has other benefits as moisture retention assures better recovery and survival.

ENVY’s anti-transpirant action can pay off in other ways as well, helping house plants survive periods of no watering, promoting plant survival in periods of natural drought, reducing labour requirements for commercial and municipal plantings, and preventing needle-drop in Christmas Trees.


AgroBest has developed this seaweed-based product as it offers a degree of frost protection and nutrition to a wide range of crops.  With its seaweed base and the additive of potassium, crops will be protected short term, with possible yield benefits long term. The potassium provides protection to the plant within 6 hours of application, and the seaweed will continue protection after 36 hours to keep plants protected for a period of 10-12 days.  Demeter will provide approximately 2-3°C extra frost tolerance, whilst also providing nutritional benefits essential to plant quality.

Whilst Demeter is a saviour for all frost endangered areas, the degree of protection will vary between crops.  Stone fruit, apples and pears will receive approximately 2-3°C extra frost tolerance, while canola and cereal crops see additional protection of up to 4°C. Grapes can reach up to 2.5°C extra protection and in the case of vines, the application should be made each 7-10 days.  Results indicate that potatoes will have an additional 2°C of protection, or for crops that have already been frost affected Demeter will aid with the recovery of the crop.

ENVY will provide frost tolerance by as much as 4°C and has demonstrated effectiveness down to – 4°C. For protection at lower temperatures, we recommend a pre-treatment spray of AgroDex K35 which will increase plant sugars and potassium levels, thus enhancing ENVY protection.

ENVY will provide protection for 21-60 days but this will depend on temperature, wind & sun exposure, dilution rates, type of spray equipment and coverage of the foliage to be protected.  ENVY is Non-toxic and is harmless to the environment and end-users alike when used as directed.

ENVY forms a semi-permeable, polymer membrane over the leaf and other surfaces and creates a physical barrier to ice-nucleating bacteria and water transpiration.

Bio-shield polymer for protection against summer heat and winter frost.

Envy is a frost protector and anti transpirant, which can substantially reduce moisture losses by up to 50%, eliminate sun & windburn damage as well as increase frost tolerance by an additional 4 Degrees.

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