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Product trials are a valuable exercise for any organisation looking to access reliable information about a particular product or situation.  The information attained can be used for a variety of purposes and offers an interesting insight into how the product performs.

The challenge many growers and companies face is the lack of know-how and resources to conduct a legitimate trial.  Stringent guidelines must be implemented in order to maintain the integrity of the trial and deem the findings to be genuine and accurate.


It is important to consider that regardless of the outcome, trials will bring benefit to your project.  A successful result will provide confidence and marketing collateral as well as provide understanding about how the product works.  An unsuccessful trial will identify areas where improvement or modification are required, as well as an understanding for what works and what does not.  They will provide data and an understanding of the product.  Research & development, marketing, education and training are all areas that can benefit from conducting trials.



  • Trial development, implementation and management
  • Make recommendations based on trial results
  • Recognise areas of attention
  • Identify and where required supplying resources and equipment
  • Liaise with all relevant parties