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Business Planning

Operating a successful business requires more than just the ability to do the job well.  Business is a multifaceted  entity that requires knowledge and attention in every aspect.  This often requires a skilled team to effectively and profitably manage tasks, includes management, financial, administrative, marketing, sales, education and the list goes on.  Agrobest can assist in the planning stages prior to starting the business or project, or intervene in existing companies to regain control.  An audit will identify areas lacking and Agrobest will design and implement an aggressive action plan to quickly and effectively correct the issues as well as implement policies and processes to prevent reoccurrences.  A series of special criteria can also be utilised to identify suitable people and their abilities to take responsibility for specified tasks or roles.



  • Policy and programme evaluation
  • Farm business consultancy
  • Business plans and reviews
  • Budgeting Cashflow & forecasts
  • Co-ordination and facilitation of multi-stakeholder systems
  • Start-up projects
  • Budgeting and Cost management
  • Change control and contingency planning