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Turf - Co-formulation & Manufacture

AgroBest Australia work with a number of industry leading suppliers to the turf industry, supplying within Australia and internationally.  Golf courses being the primary market, our fertilisers need to return optimum results.  Products were designed to regulated growth, create and sustain perfect colour and maintain robust and resilient grass.

Several years ago, our relationship began with one of our clients when they approached AgroBest Australia to co-formulate and manufacture a new specialty Turf Range.  This well-established brand was looking to create a number of products designed to specifically target key issues and when used in conjunction with one-another, producing the perfect fertiliser program.

 Initially, AgroBest developed 4 products as part of the turf range.  The products were so well received that we then went on to formulate an additional 2 products to complete the series.