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Organic Pesticide Development & improvement of the industry

When considering crop protection, more often than not you must consider a compromise between efficacy of product vs safe to use and environmentally friendly.  AgroBests Natrasoap means never having to make that decision.  AgroBest have developed a natural, environmentally friendly and sustainable product that effectively and safely eliminates pests from a wide range of crops, even being well suited to closed environments.  No withholding periods makes this product especially convenient when picking for market occurs daily or spraying is required close to harvest.  Registered with Australian Organic, it is no wonder Natrasoap has become a well known product with a reputation for reliance in the industry.


Proven international success has seen Natrasoap (and its variations) sold Australia wide, in New Zealand and Mauritius.  Variations of trade name and active ingredients are required in order to comply with local organic and government registration, branding & trademarks.  All Natrasoap products (and their variations) have continued to impress and effectively treat pests in their given region.


This product was developed by AgroBest in the 80’s to treat insects and bugs and this still remains the focus of Natrasoap today. However, recently a notable reduction in certain fungi was observed.  This prompted further investigation into whether Natrasoap may also be suitable as a fungicide aswell. Growers have trialled Clenza (a Natrasoap variation registered in New Zealand) as a substitute fungicide to overcome resistance issues they had been facing with other products.  The results were pleasing, proving so successful that Clenza has added treatment of Botrytis to their label.


AgroBest has continued working closely with key clients, conducting trials and testing crops to measure the success of Natrasoap for other uses.  Upon completion of this investigation registration opportunities will be considered.  Research is still in process, however at this stage results are looking very promising.


Registered with Australian Organics, the National Governing Board for organic registration, AgroBest takes pride in being able to offer a highly effective pest management solution that is suitable to use on organic farms.  Because this is an approved input for organic use and offers optimum protection, it brings timely relief to organic and conventional growers alike.