AgroBest is committed to ensuring land disturbed by mining activities is rehabilitated to a natural landscape and habitat, safe for humans, wildlife and plant communities.

Our work in land rehabilitation includes:

  • The development of specific nutrient blends for the revegetation of degraded sites. 
  • Consulted on the management of all of these sites.
  • Worked closely with the landscaper to ensure a minimum of 95% take for all vegetation.
  • Developed an organic-based nutrient solution to enhance the remediation of the degraded soils, which optimized growth for the hydro-mulched seeds as well as remediating the soils.

All of these projects were hydro-mulched to ensure that the seeds were coated in a proprietary mix of gel, nutrients and biodegradable organic material.  This mix enhanced the propagation of these specific seeds and plants per site.

Bio Stimulant


It is a highly effective humic acid solution extracted from leonardite and fermented with sugars. Formulated to increase the…

Bio Stimulant


NPK 5-5-5 with 15% w/v Organics deriving from Fish, Humates, Seaweed and Sugars. Formulated for soil, utilising Fish, Seaweed…

Bio Stimulant | Organic


A multi-strain liquid inoculant accelerates soil microbial activity, promotes root growth, healthier soil, and stress mitigation.

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