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Sovereign Dry Powder (16kg)

Sizes Available:

20 Litre

Hay & Silage Improver


Sovereign Dry powder improves the ensiling process of silage and is used to prevent spoilage and improve quality in haymaking. This results in a highly digestible, more palatable feed with greater nutrient value, and less spoilage. Hay can be baled with up to 30% moisture without spoilage using AgroBest Sovereign. Stock can achieve greater milk production and increased body weight gains due to higher protein and energy content of the finished product. These benefits can be achieved under a wider range of harvesting conditions, maximising production time in less than ideal conditions and avoiding significant field losses from rain, or over-drying of hay. AgroBest's Sovereign Dry should be applied through a suitably calibrated applicator, fitted to bale pickup or forage harvester. Gandy Applicator or similar.

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