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Microbial Soil Conditioner

Australian Organic Approved Input


Revitalize is a microbial soil activator of enzymes and bacteria which feed natural soil bio-flora. Revitalize triggers a chain reaction of live soil microbial ...

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Fish Emulsion

Organic Fertiliser
Australian Organic Approved Input


Fish Emulsion''s natural ingredients provide an organic concentration of NPK and essential trace elements. These nutrients are readily absorbed and can be foliar or ...

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Organic Formulation for increase calcium uptake


Calmate is a high purity humic acid solution extracted from leonardite and fermented with sugars. This process is designed to produce a balance of high ...

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Ca 9.5%, N 3.88%, K 2%, B .45% Mg .12%, Mo 0.05%, P 0.014%


Calcarbon is a premium calcium source that provides soluble and available calcium with specific additional organic components ...

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V A Mycorrhizal

(available in 1kg or 18kg)


Agro-Vam is for the biological inoculation of trees, shrubs, vegetables and grasses with a root colonizing fungi, which will improve root development and ...

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