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Plant Food

Sizes Available:

5 Litre
20 Litre
200 Litre
1000 Litre

NPK Clear 3-12-20 ,13-7-11, 20-4-6


Plant Food is a highly available, rapidly absorbed clear solution of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium formulated to meet requirements early in the season for sustainable rapid growth. Plant Food will kick start seedlings, promote growth during cold and stressful periods, and meet demands during flowering. 3-12-20 (N-P-K) is the premium fruit filling blend for larger, better quality fruit, improved flavour and colour, increased sugar levels and disease resistance. 13-7-11 (N-P-K) is a balanced NPK base used to promote early vigour of fruit trees and field crops and to increase growth and size, improving quality, and colour. 20-4-6 (N-P-K) actively promotes early growth and meets the demand later in the season of crops with high nitrogen requirements.

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