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Frost protector & Nutrient booster


With its seaweed base and the additive of potassium, crops will be protected both long term and short term. The potassium provides protection to the plant within 6 hours of application, and the seaweed will continue protection after 36 hours to keep plants protected for a period of 10-12 days. Demeter will provide approximately 2-3°C extra frost tolerance, whilst also providing nutritional benefits essential to plant quality. 


Stone fruit, apples and pears will receive approximately 2-3°C extra frost Canola and Cereal crops see additional protection of up to 4�C Grapes can reach up to 2.5°C extra protection


Winter Protection - To increase frost resistance for plants. The use of liquid seaweed formulation is an important contributor to frost defence. Seaweed contains simple & complex sugars, it is known that the addition of sugars decreases the freezing point.

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