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20 Litre
200 Litre
1000 Litre

High uptake Calcium chelated with  60% Organic Acids

Australian Organic Approved Input


CarboCal is a calcium and organic acid rich compound designed for both foliar and drip application. Despite calcium being a traditionally immobile ion, CarboCal is able to deliver much needed calcium to all parts of the plant. CarboCal is formulated with over 50 organic acids, all available for rapid uptake and movement within the plant, improving structural strength, stability and quality. CarboCal provides superior calcium sap levels for fruit quality and disease resistance and contains no Nitrogen or Chloride. CarboCal includes a number of growth hormones, which aid flowering and increase the general vigor of plants, without creating the vegetative flush associated with Nitrogen based products. CarboCal is an effective source of calcium for vegetable, vine and tree crops. CarboCal is a BFA registered organic product.

This product has
AMCA accreditation

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