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Broadhectare ZBCM

Sizes Available:

20 Litre
200 Litre
1000 Litre

Chelated Zn 9%, Cu 0.5%, Mo 0.05% and B 0.025% for correction of crop deficiency

BROADHECTARE ZBCM is a chelated blend of Zinc, Boron, Copper, Moly and Cobalt. Formulated together with a range of organic and amino acids ensures a highly available and readily assimilated low molecular weight chelation. Where essential traces are lacking, BROADHECTARE ZBCM  can quickly and effectively correct zinc deficiencies and  tops up to meet boron, copper, moly and cobalt requirements.


The premium combination provides essential trace elements to aid many crucial plant functions including biochemical reactions and activation of enzymes which are important for early plant growth and vigor . Encourages photosynthesis , stress mitigation, growth of pollen tubes resulting in potential yield  increase. 


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