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AgroDex K35

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1 Litre
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20 Litre
200 Litre
1000 Litre

35% Potassium with Organic Acids & Seafil


AgroDex K35 is 35% liquid potassium in an organic form, free of nitrate and chlorides. It contains organic acids and natural plant regulators, which are immediately assimilated and translocated through the plant and converted to carbohydrates to ripen and fill fruit and vegetables. AgroDex K35 will improve fruit yield, quality, colour & ripening uniformity and even with low rates, offer a lasting response. AgroDex K35 offers increased resistance in light to medium frosts, particularly at flowering or late and early vegetables. AgroDex minerals have a range of organic acids which give the element a low molecular weight chelation ensuring the most effective penetration of the element to the functioning parts of the plant structure. AgroDex chelated minerals are a complexed mixture of organic acids, partially hydrolyzed proteins and free amino acids

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