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Soil Conditioners


Microbial Soil Conditioner

Australian Organic Approved Input


Revitalize is a microbial soil activator of enzymes and bacteria which feed natural soil bio-flora. Revitalize triggers a chain reaction of live soil microbial ...

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Fish Emulsion

Organic Fertiliser
Australian Organic Approved Input


Fish Emulsion''s natural ingredients provide an organic concentration of NPK and essential trace elements. These nutrients are readily absorbed and can be foliar or ...

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Afrikelp LG-1

Liquid Seaweed Concentrate ( Ecklonia Maxim


AfriKelp® LG-1 is a liquid seaweed concentrate extracted from the freshly harvested South African giant brown seaweed Ecklonia maxima. The naturally occurring biostimulants are present ...

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Mega Fish

Fish + NPK


Mega Fish comprises of 51% highly concentrated deep sea fish emulsion boosted with a bio-available, rapidly absorbed Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium solution. Mega Fish is suitable for soil ...

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