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NPK Liquid Concentrates

Green N42

42 % Nitrogen


Agro N42 is a high analysis liquid nitrogen fertilizer (42% w/v) for the correction of nitrogen deficiencies and promotion of growth in all crops with high nitrogen demands. ...

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Plant Food

NPK Clear 3-12-20 ,13-7-11, 20-4-6


Plant Food is a highly available, rapidly absorbed clear solution of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium formulated to meet requirements early in the season for sustainable rapid ...

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Beyond Foliar

NPK, TE & Seafil 3-10-15,11-6-9,18-2-4


Beyond Foliar is available in three NPK combinations which are complex blend of EDTA chelated micronutrients and cytokinin plant extract within a balanced, highly available, rapidly ...

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AgroDex K35

K 35% with Organic Acids & Seafil


AgroDex K35 is 35% liquid potassium in an organic form, free of nitrate and chlorides. It contains organic acids and natural plant regulators, which ...

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AgroDex P&K

P 19% & K 21%


AgroDex P & K is unique in its formulation, using the purest forms of Phosphorus and Potassium available, all attached to sugar molecules for immediate assimilation ...

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AgroDex K Fill

Buffered potassium  for fruit fill


K Fill is a 35% liquid clear potassium in an organic form, free of nitrate and chlorides. Being clear, K Fill will not produce the fruit ...

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Agro K45

45% Potassium


Agro K45 is a highly concentrated liquid potassium (50 % w/v) in combination with organic and amino acids in a natural buffering solution for improving colour, size and ripening ...

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High PK

High Uptake Phosphorous and Potassium


AgroBest High PK is a liquid potassium/phosphorus formulation manufactured to extremly high standards, it produces fast and efficient uptake. Ideal for application at peak demand periods ...

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Green N32 + Humic

32 % Nitrogen plus 3% humic Acid


Agro N32 + Humic is a high analysis liquid nitrogen fertilizer (32%W/V) plus 3% unique Humic solution containing proteins, carbohydrates, free amino acids and ...

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Quickstart HiTrace

Foliar NPK + Trace Elements for early crop boost


Formulated to promote healthy plant growth with nitrogen & phosphorus, Quickstart HiTrace also provides high levels of Zinc and Magnesium to correct ...

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Agro NK

High Uptake Nitrogen & Potassium


Agro NK is a highly available, rapidly absorbed liquid solution with high Nitrogen and Potassium with Phosphorus, formulated to meet mid to late season plant requirements. ...

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Green N24

24 % Nitrogen       


A cost effective, 24% liquid nitrogen fertiliser. Green N24 quickly stimulates fast and vigorous vegetative growth and encourages necessary plant development. Rapid absorption ensures prompt correction and ...

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Green N24 With Traces

24 % Nitrogen  with traces S, Zn, Fe, Cu


A cost effective, 24% liquid nitrogen fertiliser completed with a range of essential micronutrients. Nitrogen in Green N24 with traces quickly stimulates ...

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